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Giacomo Marramao - Against Power

Marramao Against Power


Against Power: For an Overhaul of Critical Theory

By (author) Giacomo Marramao  
Translated by Patrick Camiller

In this book Giacomo Marramao focuses on the work of two great Central European writers, Elias Canetti and Herta Muller, each of whom, in different periods and contexts, offered a philosophical genealogy of forms of domination and a radical diagnosis of power, command and law. This book explores the issue of power from a philosophical literary perspective. It tackles the linguistic and literary relations between the notions of "power" and "potency".

Product details
    Format Hardback | 96 pages
    Dimensions 160 x 236 x 13mm | 331g
    Publication date 01 Aug 2016
    Imprint John Cabot University Press
    Publication City/Country Lanham, United States
    Language English
    ISBN10 1611496195
    ISBN13 9781611496192
    Categories Literary Theory Literary Studies: General Social & Political Philosophy

About Giacomo Marramao

Giacomo Marramao is professor of theoretical philosophy and political philosophy at the University of Rome III.
Author of:
Kairós: Towards an Ontology of “Due” Time, Davies, Aurora, CO 2007;
The Passage West: Philosophy After the Age of the Nation State, Verso, London-New York 2012;
The Bewitched World of Capital, Brill, Leiden-Boston (forthcoming).

Table of contents

Forward to The English Edition
Chapter 1: The Primal Scene. Politics, Power and Potency
Chapter 2: Archeology of Power: Elias Canetti
Chapter 3: Power, Identity and Writing: Herta Muller
Chapter 4: Mutations and Metamorphoses:The New Power Scene
Appendix: Machiavelli Today: An Imaginary Interview
About the Author


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